Sparkle Being - Hand-woven Car Keychain Rainbow Cloud Bag Ornaments Key Ring


“Driving down the road on a cloudy day, I feel uplifted by the rainbow swing from the car mirror. It may not be in the sky brightening everyone’s day, but this little rainbow is sure making my day better.” This rainbow keychain is a beautiful way to carry your keys but it can be used for so much more. Use it as a cute dangly ornament for your backpack, purse, or from your car mirror. Made from cotton in vibrant rainbow colors and metal alloy for the easy-open keychain. Keep your manicure from chipping when you use the easy-open hook on the keychain. Do you want to show your pride? Do you just like rainbows? Either way this is the keychain for you! Have a rough day? This whimsical rainbow has little pompom clouds on each end and will brighten up any day. Cotton rainbow with multicolor thread Metal alloy keychain Easy-open hook 3.74in x 4.5in Weight: 20.4g