Sister & Soul - Sparklefest - She Leaves A Little Sparkle! Glitter Earrings Set In Vintage Copper - Ruby Red (9205)


She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.. She has a sparkle in her eye and carries love and joy even into the toughest times! Get your ruby red glitter on lovely ones, these beauties are stunning! Enjoy!! Ruby red glitter in resin 12mm setting vintage copper plated setting (zinc alloy) push backs nickel free  shop more sparklefest glitter here!  Check out more cute glitter earrings in our range and save on postage when you put them all together!  When this item is purchased with our budget postage option, to be able to keep postage low on this product (based on width) these earrings are packed loose in the packaging bag with gift card so that we can offer our low rate, it is easy to pop them into the pre-punched holes on the gift card when you receive them.