Sister & Soul - Spade + Plant Sterling Silver Studs - Thrive Bloom Grow (8513-R)


Sister & soul premium studs 925 sterling silver  thrive bloom grow  spade + plant  studs - 9x5mm . Genuine 925 sterling silver earring studs.  925 Sterling silver being a soft metal means that the posts are bendable but strong. Sterling silver with enamel detail great sensitive tiny and adult ears. Care instructions - sister & soul earrings we recomm end that you treat each piece with care and follow these instructions: keep your earrings dry & free from creams, cosmetics and body products. Avoid wearing them while showering, swimm ing or exercising. Avoid all chemical contact. Polishing your earrings will help to maintain the shine  note: there are no returns or exchanges on earrings due to health reasons.  Shop all sterling silver studs.