Popwholesale - Water drop rubber bracelet keychain


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The keychain bracelet wristlet is beautiful jewelry: 14 smooth and delicate silicone beads and a scented wooden bead will beautifully surround your delicate wrist. A bunch of bohemian pom tassels adds an exotic flavor to you. This stylish appearance allows you to easily match a variety of personalized clothes and handbags. Enhance your charm with key ring bracelet: lightly spray the perfume on the wooden beads, the scent will penetrate into the wooden beads, making your fragrance lasting and natural. The tassels are a three-layer cake-like design and weigh only 9g. They are easy to distinguish and beautiful when hung on a bag or key ring. Stretchy bracelet: double bungee cords are connected in series, and the stretch force is moderate. Even if there are more keys or card holders hanging on it, it will not be loose and deformed. No longer have the worries of accidentally slipping out of your wrist when using a tough bracelet that is much larger than your wrist.