1. Using the enclosed file, shape your natural nail.
2. Gently push back your cuticles using the orange wood stick/cuticle pusher.
3. Lightly remove the shine from your nail, paying attention to the cuticle and sides.
4. Choose the nails that are the correct sizes to fit your toes - hold the tips by the “easy
hold tabs” to make it aid in tip sizing and application
5. Lay the tips out in the order they will go on your toes for easier application.
6. After choosing the tips, use the alcohol wipe to remove all of the oils and debris from
your natural nail, paying special attention to the cuticle and sides.
7. Apply a small amount of glue to the nail tip and the natural nail and then
apply the tip to your toe, holding the tip tight for several seconds until it is stuck tight.
8. Repeat with the remaining nails.
9. After the tips are stuck to the toes, using nail clippers, clip off the “easy hold tabs” and
use the nail file to smooth the end of the tip as necessary. “Easy Hold Tabs” may also
simply break off once the tip is secured tight and clippers may not be necessary.