1. Soak your nails/toes in a bowl of warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes.
2. After soaking, the glue/sticky tabs will soften and the nails will lift off. If the
nails don’t lift off easily continue soaking in the water. Do not pick or pry
the nails off, as this will cause damage.
3. Gently use the cuticle pusher/orange wood stick to remove any remaining glue
from your nails, being careful not to scrape and damage your natural nails.
4. If you are going to apply a new set of Pink Door Express nails you will simply
start over with application step #1.
5. If you are not going to apply a new set of nails at this time you can lightly buff
your nails using the pink buffing block.

If you do not want to save your nails for future use, you can soak your nails/toes in a bowl of full strength acetone (nail polish remover does not work very well), in place of soaking in warm soapy water.  Proceed with steps 2-5.